Dance & Ritual


instrumentation | chorus + piano + optional percussion

duration | 5:00 - 6:00

premiere | by The Choral Project (conducted by Daniel Hughes) @ Mission Santa Clara | June 5, 2015.

program notes:

This piece takes place in a dark and hidden village away from all civilization. In the dead of the night of harvest the people appear from their dwellings and gather in the center of the village where a wild and crazed looking woman is waiting. She preaches to her people in a dissonant and mesmerizing tone. Her voice hovers in the air, like vultures preying on the dead, her words settle into the souls of the villagers. Their hearts drink it in and begin to pump with excitement. The people break out into a wild, savage dance, some seeming to convulse to the beating of the drums others screaming in harsh dissonant tones. In the midst of the celebration they capture and restrain a young, virgin girl. The voice of the shaman can be heard once more and the people begin to settle. Finally silence grips the air. A sacrifice is made and the ritual is complete.

Incantation, Dance & Ritual was the winner of The Choral Project's 2015 Student Composition Competition.

Contact me for score and parts.

The Choral Project premiering  Incantation, Dance & Ritual  (2015)

The Choral Project premiering Incantation, Dance & Ritual (2015)